NEONATAL SIZE        NO.1    2.5Cmx8Cm

PAEDIATRIC SIZE      NO.2    2.5Cmx12Cm

CHILDERN SIZE         NO.3    3.5CmX14Cm

ADULT SIZE                NO.4    4.5Cmx15Cm



Packing: 25 No’s



SPLINT is designed to prevent “Obstruction and stopping of Drip Flow” during Glucose  and

Fluid administration to patients in Hospitals.

By using splint you are supporting the wrist / elbow of the patient during fluid administration which prevents double puncture of the vein.

During fluid administration, the patient moves his wrist / elbow, which results in double puncture of the vein / blood vessel by the tip of the IV Cannula / vein needle, resulting in clot formation and slowing down of fluid flow. Ultimately, the fluid flow stops. Again, for fluid administration, you have to search for another injection Point.

To avoid such incidents, we have designed SPLINT, which is fixed below the wrist / elbow using gauze in the wards. The SPLINT is positioned and tied properly, around the wrist / elbow joint by gauze to ensure that the patient cannot bend the joints easily.

So, in practice, SPLINT is found to be very useful in preventing clot formation inside the vein, thereby allowing continuous and uninterrupted flow of fluid / blood administration to the patient.

The Hard bottom supports the joint and prevents folding of wrist. The soft upper portion provides convenience to the patient for long duration of transfusion procedure.