Available lengths100cm, 150cms, 200cm.  E.T.O. Sterile

Packing: 25 No’s


1.2mm ID X 2.8mm OD Extension tubing for fluid administration

For the convenience of DRUG & FLUID administration during surgical procedures and many other procedures, the anesthetist prefers to use a lengthy extension tubing (100cm to 200cm length tubing) to be away from the O.T table, to monitor the patient.

There has been always been a complaint of slow flow of fluids due to bigger diameter PVC tubing (normally 3mm X 4mm size) as “dead space” in pressure tubing is less. Many times slow administration of fluids and drugs are due to micro air blocks in big diameter tubings.

PREMON LINE, solves these problems by using pressure PVC tubings, which are of smaller diameter, which are flexible and kink free also.  During all procedures, you will have continuous, uninterrupted flow of fluid & medicines without any problem of slow and interrupted fluid administration