Specification: Soft, milky white silicon tubing of size 0.8mm x 1.6mm of 30 cm length with CSF Bag

Packing: 5 No’s


(Silicone Lumbar Catheter with Touhey Needle & Guide wire & CSF Drainage Bag)

This product is designed for drainage of fluids from Lumbar region after operation to

investigate or   correction of problems rising out of accident or internal bleeding in lumbar region.

Silicon tubing has small perforations between 2 cm and 4 cm from distal end tip.  There are markings

at 5 cm, 10 cm and 15 cm from distal end tip.   Guide wire has an easy to hold handle to push the

guide wire into Silicon tubing.  Only the handle is visible outside the proximal end.


Touhey needle has a sharp edged tip.  21 G cut needle with luer lock end is used to fix at the

proximal end of the Silicon  tubing during the procedure to connect to CSF collection bag.   All these

components are packed separately in plain LD cover  and is double packed in glossin poly pouches.