Vaidya’s IV Set – BF

Cat No: B3

IV Set with 0.2 Micron Bacterial Filter

Packing: 25 No’s


Special Features:
This special IV Set is designed for the additional features and advantages during fluid administration.
1. Provided with bacterial Filter – 0.2 micron to retain bacterial and fungus and prevent them to enter the blood circulation. Also to remove the entrapped air.
2. Provided DISK FILTER – eliminate any particular matter and entrapped air bubble.
3. ‘Y’ injection Site for intermittent medication.
4. DEHP free / phthalate free PVC tubing used which is toxic free – specially safe for Neonatal, Pregnant women and elderly patients.
5. provision for LUER LOCK Connector at the end of the tubing for firm and gentle fixing of IV Needle or 3 way stop cock.