Cerebro Spinal Fluid Collection Bag

Specially designed drainage collection bag, used in Nuero Surgery procedures – Ventricle and Lumbar

surgeries,  to collect drainage fluids after the procedure

Packing: 5 No’s



Long kink free PVC tubing is provided to the PVC Collection Bag which can be tied to the patients bed as per


The drainage fluid from Ventricular Catheter / Lumbar  Catheter enters the proximal end of CSF drainage bag

Luer Lock Connector.

One 3 way stop cock is provided to collect  fresh drainage samples for Lab test.  The drained fluid

is first stored in 110 ml Burette.  The output of drained fluid is measured in the volumetric Burette.   From

Burette the drainage fluid is allowed to flow to PVC Collection Bag – 700 ml capacity.

In case of necessity,  samples of fluid can be collected by one more 3 way stop cock for Lab Testing